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BELIEVE A new single for the new year

After the rush release of HellBoy came time for a more prepared release. We took time with this one. The original recordings of BELIEVE weren’t very clean from my used and cranked digital audio interface I still have it as a paper-weight.

Anyway after all, the room’s echo can be a bit nostalgic. We came back to it with the modernized technology of 2020 to clean it as much as possible still the notion carries through. As far as genres the single is living in the pop-rock alternative-rock and acoustic bedroom pop domain. It’s a little soft happy song with some humor which I think is kind of rare in these times.

Like the title I decided to release this song now because it’s optimistic and we are in a dark period and season there is a lot of healing to be done so it’s just, you know a couple of chords about it..

The Magnificent Rene Higuita helped with announcing the new single during the week it was thrilling to get the support of such a legend. The Song is now Available on Spotify and Apple Music. You can show your support by playing the song and save it and share it with friends it will mean the world to me.

Here is the song. Share it with someone you love this winter

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