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Hellboy – Sivan Langer Pushing the Limits of Hell with an Election Day Release

Hellboy to the rescue – 3rd November 2020 – New Release

A new surprise release by Sivan Langer “Hellboy” Specially for Today US 2020 Elections

Hellboy is a song about public participation and public figures that are there to gather power and accolades in contrast with being civil servants. The song was Indie recorded during last week and Mastered by Mark C. from Clean Analog Masters. Acoustic guitars can be heard with a supportive Fender strat electric guitar and bass that accomplish full sound.

The song atmosphere is repremanding the current state of politics which the politicians seem to exploit their power over the people instead of serving them.

Since the release is very rushed it’s possible that the song won’t get to others on time help pushing this song

Official release is now on hold. You can still listen to the rough master here though

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