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Ready Stageit Go! Uplifting End of year Streaming Concert

Go Epic while Home – Exciting End of the Year Online Streaming Performance at

Finding the right place to make an online gig isn’t easy. First issue before the streaming itself is the ticketing. Personally I don’t mind making a show but at least i want to be able to sell someone a ticket without making them work for it like buying a new credit card to register to PayPal for example.

Essentially we try to make it easy to make deal with us as business owners and artist manager which even though not particularly interesting for me I have to do now since I’m my own manager now. I got this idea listening to an interview with Miles Copeland founder of I.R.S record and legendary manager of The Police.

So pulled the plunge once again and you are welcome to the next show. Signing myself to I think/hope it’s an easy enough process and not the pain which was with the ticketing company which name shall be kept private. Anyway you can check it out and sign to the new year coming show and I promise it I’ll try to make it be worthy of your time

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